Shashwat Tripathy is a very creative writer and a famous poet of koshli language. His writings are appreciated by everyone. Moreover, he is a marvellous music director and has done more than 500 music direction projects. He is a famous composer, music arranger and a soulful singer.

This multitalented person has done more than 2500 stage shows all over Odisha, Kolkata, Raipur, Guwahati,  Nagaland, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh and manymore.

Wherever he goes, he wins hearts of others and this heart winner is facilitated with more than 50 awards like:

  1. All India lalmony 2014
  2. Sura Ghungura 2010
  3. International Theatre Award 2014
  4. Mahanadi Yuva Samman 2014
  5. Bhawanipatna 2014
  6. EAAERI Samman 2016
  7. Postal foundation day 2016
  8. Bangalore Nuakhai Bhetghat 2016
  9. Juhar parivar Hyderabad 2017

and many more..

He has written many wonderful books such as “Full Bagicha”, “Ukia”, “Muin Muin nai balbu” and many more.

He is also a member of state research group in the department of culture.

His achievement are appreciable and has been appreciated by lakhs of people.